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As you may know I’m a linguistics student. So, we kinda “celebrate” western holidays such as Catholic Christmas or Halloween. It’s part of the learning process.

Aaaand Halloween party is coming. I was in my, hm, everyday cosplay of Danny Phantom last year. My first followers may remember it: there and there. The second variant is how I was wearing it at the last party. Just without a jacket, of course.

My groupmates expect that I’ll keep a tradition and go with something similar this year. I’m thinking about Gravity Falls, something Bill Cipher-themed specifically =)

It’s work for a day to vector simple black print like Bill’s summoning circle or part of a screenshot with him. Not sure yet what I want… And maybe a canon quote or a quote about demons in general on the back.

But what to print it on? I can’t choose between hoodie, bomber jacket and sweatshirt. They all are of perfect shade…

Any thoughts?

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