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In midst of all the chaos right now, I’m sitting here watching a choir of young children performing the national anthem and I’m getting shivers. People say how Russia is wrong and how Ukraine deserves Crimea, because people find wrong in everything my country does. I say that in this time of Olympic celebration, I think we should all be proud of our countries and for once forget about these governmental problems. Honestly, I have never been prouder of being Russian, no matter what may be going on.


I talk a lot

5:41. I think it’s time to sleep

P.s. I forgot to tell about it in previous post: I GOT A NEW LAPTOP YAY with partly aluminum case, 17” screen, USB 3.0 (I finally can use my mobile HDD properly) and everything; system is new to me, I didn’t work with Win 8 before, but it’s nice, I like it

shadowofthelamp replied to your chat “Me: I can understand the Cold War! I’m on Tumblr for two years and. No…”

I am from America and totally understand your point. Europe’s cooler.

Have you ever been to Europe? :)

I’m going to Prague, Czech Republic next week. I’ve planned it for a long time. Prague is my dreamcity. One of my dreamcities, dream towns and other dreamplaces. I’m so excited!!!

Want to see the photos when I’ll return?

Also: Sorry for not answering. Again. How many things I owe to people on the Internet… It’s quite funny how I have a perfect real life (I mean it) and A LOT of problems on the Internet. Like I forget things I promised to people or don’t answer for years (it really happens sometimes - up to five years)… Ok-ok, I lied. I never forget. I always remember, but for some reason don’t answer. My big secret. Shh.

Agh. I don’t like short posts and make many separate posts, so… How about I write all the news right now? I know that I left tumblr suddenly…

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  • Me:

    I can understand the Cold War! I'm on Tumblr for two years and. No one. Ever. Had said anything good about us!

  • Mom:

    Well, you probably can't say anything good about them either.

  • Me:

    Why? I can say something good about the Americans! But not... about... their... country?..

  • Me:

  • Mom:

    So, it's mutual.

Freakshow’s apprentice by SonySakura

First place on "Evil Sam Redesign" contest, yay!

I was actually expecting second place and when I saw results I was like Oooooh

Not actually a drawing as you can see, just a sketch, really just a concept sketch.
"Control Freaks" gone alternative way. Danny never was under control and he never was with Sam at the opening ceremony. Sam always was interested in Gothic culture, black magic, all those dark arts and everything… When ringmaster of Circus Gothica makes her an offer of apprenticeship, she eagerly (mostly her own decision but with a little help of hypnosis) says "Yes". She is declared runaway.
Red eyes and sick colors are price for black magic (I mean Freakshow didn’t look like that before either). She helps Freakshow very much and practically worships him… He has a strong influence on her. She is smart, she invents new ways to tame circus ghosts (she somehow doesn’t like to admit it, but she finds pleasure in their suffering), plans robberies sometimes. She is going to be a good ringmaster in the future Г_Г

The ways to spend Saturday evening Г_Г

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